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A Christmas Cruise Murder: A Rachel Prince Mystery (Book 5) Audiobook

A Christmas Cruise Murder: A Rachel Prince Mystery (Book 5) Audiobook

Rachel Prince is back in this Christmas cozy...

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Rachel's plans to spend the festive season with Carlos are in tatters when he is called to Italy at short notice.

Deciding to take a last-minute Canary Island cruise, her best friend Sarah (cruise ship nurse) is only too pleased to have her along. Sarah's parents are taking their first cruise and her mother is keen for her to settle down, dropping hints like bombs. Rachel is glad to offer moral support. It might also help take her mind off her own disappointment.

Rachel sits next to a petulant maître d' on the coach to Southampton. When the maître d' is found dead later that evening, Rachel can't resist snooping. The death appears to have been caused by a fatal asthma attack, but Rachel's gut tells her otherwise.

Chief Security Officer Jack Waverley is confused and upset when his wife appears to be implicated in the unpopular man's untimely demise.

Suspects are in plentiful supply as Rachel uncovers secrets among crew and passengers, all with motive. As Rachel closes in on the killer she needs to be careful as they have their eye on her.

Even Christmas cruises are fatal when Rachel Prince boards a ship. Can she find out who is responsible before she ends up another victim?

If you like determined heroines and twisty plots with a little romance, you'll love Dawn Brookes's latest sea adventure.

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About the Author

Dawn Brookes is an award winning, bestselling author of cosy mysteries and crime fiction.

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