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Corporate Cruise Murder: A Rachel Prince Mystery (Book 11) Audiobook

Corporate Cruise Murder: A Rachel Prince Mystery (Book 11) Audiobook

Rachel Prince can't escape murder. Even in exotic India…

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When an ambitious group of pharmaceutical researchers board the Coral Queen and one of them dies, Rachel Prince has another murder on her hands…

Rachel's got a lot on her mind when she joins the luxurious Coral Queen for the Indian leg of its world voyage. She's delighted to meet up with newlyweds, Sarah and Jason who have rejoined the ship to work, but something is troubling the two of them.

In Mumbai, Rachel meets a few of the world's leading young researchers before they begin the cruise. The stakes are high. One of the researchers will leave with a lucrative promotion. A promotion someone might kill for…

With the CEO and PR advisor from Rejuvenescence Pharma watching the team's every move, they are tasked with repairing a dysfunctional team, whilst showing enough fortitude to get the sought after position.

The ambitious young researchers have to demonstrate people-skills. Something they struggle with, and leadership, which they all think they have, during the exotic voyage.

With each one vying to be the next research director and impress the CEO, or more importantly her PR advisor, they lock horns. But is one of them desperate enough for the job to commit murder? That's what Rachel needs to find out while dealing with her own issues. If there's a murderer among them, the candidate shortlist might get shorter…

Can Rachel unmask the killer before someone else's anchor drops forever? Get this title today to find out.

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About the Author

Dawn Brookes is an award winning, bestselling author of cosy mysteries and crime fiction.

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