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Death of a Blogger: A Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe Mystery (Prequel Novella) Audiobook

Death of a Blogger: A Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe Mystery (Prequel Novella) Audiobook

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When a gossip blogger joins a tour party along with victims of her malicious words, there can only be one outcome!

A river cruise from Amsterdam turns deadly.

When Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe embarks on her first river cruise with companions Rachel Prince and Sarah Bradshaw, she's not expecting murder for company! It's bad enough knowing there might be a murderer among their travelling party, but then Lady Marjorie finds herself saddled with a most unwelcome guest. Edna Parkinton, Marjorie's estranged cousin-in-law is loud, brash and tells it as it is. Marjorie can't wait to be shot of her. With Rachel and Sarah intent on enjoying a holiday for once, Marjorie decides to investigate a guest's suspicious death herself.
Will she find the killer before the killer finds her?
Laugh out loud fun and mayhem, this prequel provides an appetising taster for the series to follow. Edna Parkinton is a welcome addition to Dawn Brookes's intriguing characters.

What readers say:

"I have read the whole Rachel Prince series. I loved this book. The characters are so real. Edna is a memorable character."

"Just started reading - and it's already a hoot!!!!!! Gotta love Lady Marjorie!"

"I decided to delay reading the Sunday paper and read Death of a Blogger instead. I loved it! So much fun having my favorite characters on a river cruise. Edna is definitely going to be fun going forward!"

"Loved it. I liked they way they stayed overnight in Amsterdam. Having been on a lot of coach tours in my younger days I could relate to some passengers! I just loved Marjorie's cousin!"

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About the Author

Dawn Brookes is an award winning, bestselling author of cosy mysteries and crime fiction.

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