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Honeymoon Cruise Murder: A Rachel Prince Mystery (Book 7) Audiobook

Honeymoon Cruise Murder: A Rachel Prince Mystery (Book 7) Audiobook

When Rachel Jacobi-Prince cruises, it's no honeymoon!

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Rachel's dream honeymoon is disrupted when cruise ship nurse, Sarah Bradshaw's troublesome cousin is found dead.

Wedding plans have been up and down, but Rachel and Carlos finally tie the knot and head off on a Mediterranean voyage. Their honeymoon spirals out of control when murder interrupts marital bliss and Carlos receives a mysterious phone call from an old flame. With strange phone calls and an Italian goddess holding secret meetings with her husband, Rachel sees red.

Sarah is struggling to come to terms with her cousin's death, especially when she becomes a suspect. The nursing team are also battling to cope with an abrasive new junior doctor causing trouble in the medical centre.

Rachel's world is turned upside down when Carlos is shot. Can Rachel find a killer and unravel two mysteries at the same time while holding on to her husband?

Murder and mayhem are never far away when Rachel takes a cruise.

To find out whether Rachel finds marital harmony, buy Honeymoon Cruise Murder today!

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About the Author

Dawn Brookes is an award winning, bestselling author of cosy mysteries and crime fiction.

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