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Hurry up Nurse 2: London calling (Hurry up Nurse Series Book 2)

Hurry up Nurse 2: London calling (Hurry up Nurse Series Book 2)

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From the first night when they encounter 'screaming girl' and cockroaches in the kitchen, these nurses' know they are in for challenging days ahead!

Draughty windows, radiators that won't switch off, food that goes missing and constant noise. Will these nurses' from all over the United Kingdom manage the stresses and strains of learning and shift work in a specialist hospital?

This sequel to Hurry up Nurse: Memoirs of nurse training in the 1970s, follows the author to London in 1980. Here she takes up further training at a hospital in the heart of the capital’s East End.

The author moves into a nurses’ home, so expect some antics as she and her new found friends settle in.

Hurry up Nurse 2: London Calling is another charming medical biography that includes humour and compassion as you would expect from this author. There is a lot of nursing and medical history to pack in as the experiences are set in a hospital specialising in heart and chest surgery.

Cancer chemotherapy is in its infancy, open heart surgery is fast becoming routine and tuberculosis is ever present in the east end so there’s a lot to learn. Added to all of this is the enquiring mind of a young nurse who, having been told to avoid the hospital 'God Squad', does the exact opposite.

You will meet some lovable characters, from the charming Mr Robinson who sees potential in this lively young woman, now aged twenty-one, to the energetic Mrs Chang. The other trainees in the nurses’ home, the night porter and of course the patients’ who touch all of their lives are ever present. If you liked the first book in this series, you will love this one.

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Dawn Brookes is an award winning, bestselling author of cosy mysteries and crime fiction.

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