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The Bradgate Park Murders (Carlos Jacobi PI Book 2) Paperback

The Bradgate Park Murders (Carlos Jacobi PI Book 2) Paperback

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PI, Carlos Jacobi is on the trail of a ruthless killer after three men are found dead following an illegal camping party...

When three men are found dead near to the ruins of Bradgate House, birthplace of Lady Jane Grey, the evidence points towards accidental deaths following drugs overdoses. The wives of the men don't believe their husbands took drugs and are determined to find out what really happened. They club together to hire Carlos to investigate.

Carlos encounters suspicion, rumour and legend in another complex case where unravelling motives is not too hard to find, but it's hard to know who is telling the truth among the growing list of suspects.

He's thrown into turmoil again when the man in charge turns out to be his nemesis, DCI Terry Masters. The only good thing about the case is that despite the challenges he gets to work with down-to-earth detective sergeant Fiona Cook once more.

Carlos has another reason for being in Leicester. He's trying to track down a mysterious man responsible for organised crime after ending a dog theft racket in the Home Counties. His tenacity may just get him into more trouble than he bargained for as well as putting himself and others in danger.

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Dawn Brookes is an award winning, bestselling author of cosy mysteries and crime fiction.

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