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The Bradgate Park Murders (Carlos Jacobi PI Book 2) Audiobook

The Bradgate Park Murders (Carlos Jacobi PI Book 2) Audiobook

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Three dead bodies. A mountain of lies. Will the hunt for a killer turn fatal?

Private Investigator Carlos Jacobi wants to spend time in London with his girlfriend and his favorite pooch. But after recovering stolen puppies to smash a dog-theft ring, he’s still upset that the mastermind escaped when he gets a call about strange fatalities in Leicester. And with the victims’ wives asking for help, he allows himself to be roped into investigating a possible triple murder.

Buried in half-clues and conflicting evidence, Carlos struggles to provide a link to reveal the obscure motive behind the deaths. And as he tracks the elusive perpetrator, the haunted investigator finds himself on the wrong end of a brutal beating meant to throw him off the trail.

Can the clever sleuth untangle a web of corruption before he’s ensnared in a deadly trap?

The Bradgate Park Murders is the twisty second book in the Carlos Jacobi private eye series. If you like determined detectives, jaw-dropping surprises, and detailed investigative work, you’ll love Dawn Brookes’s latest book.

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About the Author

Dawn Brookes is an award winning, bestselling author of cosy mysteries and crime fiction.

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