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The Museum Murders: Carlos Jacobi PI (Book 3)

The Museum Murders: Carlos Jacobi PI (Book 3)

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How high does the conspiracy go?

When the body of a homeless woman is found in a dugout foundation of the ancient ruins of a Roman bath-house, there is little… or no investigation. Why?

The Museum Murders takes readers on a heart-pounding journey through the dark underbelly of Leicester, where nothing is as it seems. As Carlos delves into the disappearance of a young woman, he uncovers a sinister plot involving influential figures and the systematic targeting of society's most vulnerable.

Will Carlos and acting DI, Fiona Cook navigate the treacherous maze of corruption to uncover the truth before more lives are lost? With its riveting plot, complex characters, and unexpected twists, this gripping crime novel will leave readers racing to the final page.

Carlos and Fiona, assisted by his faithful friend, ex-cadaver dog, Lady, race against time to expose the truth, face his personal demons, and deliver justice for those who have been silenced.

In the background, Carlos and Fiona continue their pursuit of the criminal mastermind Nicolae and his connection to a powerful Edinburgh lawyer, who holds Fiona's brother under his spell. Threats and challenges mount as they get nearer to solving the case.

With his meticulous nature and military instincts, Carlos employs every skill at his disposal to bring a killer to justice and expose the dark underpinnings of the conspiracy.

The deeper he digs, the more dangerous the investigation becomes. How high does the conspiracy go?

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About the Author

Dawn Brookes is an award winning, bestselling author of cosy mysteries and crime fiction.

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